Battle for the Hill!!!

For those competing in Springfield on Saturday. Make sure and bring whatever food you’ll need for the entire day. If you normally eat breakfast, eat before we leave or when we get there but plan according to your heat times. Hydrate the night before and that morning. Bring whatever gear you think you might need (jump rope, head band, wrist wraps ect). If you have a CFNP shirt it would be cool if you wore it but no peer pressure. As for the rest of the weeks training; if you worked out Monday and Tuesday, I would recommend resting tomorrow and active rest on Thursday ( come to the gym and I’ll have something for you to do). Friday I’ll have a “pregame” workout specifically for those competing, it won’t be anything taxing just something to get ur body ready for the movements you’ll be doing. If I missed anything or you have any questions just let me know. IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST COMPETITION BE PREPARED TO HAVE A FANFUCKINGTASTIC TIME. I can’t wait to coach/watch you guys.

Coach Drake Harrison Comfort the first



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