Congrats Battle For The Hill Athletes!

I want to congratulate the athletes that competed in “The Battle for the Hill” yesterday in Springfield!  It was a fun event and I couldn’t be prouder of the way the CFNP Athletes performed.  As a coach I was proud to see how well the CFNP athletes moved their bodies as well as the bars and kettle bells (or balls if you prefer Justin Doss).

CFNP was represented by 10 athletes across 3 divisions.  Terry Dixon, Justin Doss and Jake Randal (Violent Hips) placed 4th in the scaled men’s division (25 total teams).  Though this was Justin and Jake’s first competition they put the butterflies aside and killed it, staying calm and taking on the movements like seasoned vets.  Their teammate , Terry “The Ageless Wonder” Dixon continues to amaze… twice the age of some of these young bucks and spanking them like they were his kids!

violent hips

























Kirstin Lumley, Caryn Kamp and Maria Romero made up team Clean Snatches and finished 8th  in the rx’d women’s division (16 total teams). This was the first rx’d competition for Kirstin and Caryn and Maria’s first competition ever as far as I know.  It was awesome to watch these ladies move the heavy weight required in the rx’d division.  In true team spirit they held on to the bar as long as they could before having to pass the bar to their team mate.

clean snatch


Derek Kreps, Chris Wheatley and I placed 10th in the rx’d male division (39 total teams).  Though I think we were all disappointed that we didn’t make the cut in order to compete in the 3rd WOD (only top 8 went on) we were all proud of how we competed.  We left it all on the competition floor and had no regrets.


Stephanie Walker, Mackenzie Lewis and Jessica Sierer made up Team Swass and Swoobs finishing 6th (under protest as the final scoring appears to be wrong)  in the rx’d female division.  This was an area all star team with Steph from CFNP, Jessica from CrossFit Peoria and Mackenzie from CrossFit Trilogy.  They made the final cut and actually won wod 3a (1rm snatch) with each of them setting personal records!  It was awesome to see three local gyms represented on one team!

swass and swoobs

Finally I want to thank Aaron Freitag, Big Mike Hopkins, Cassie Randall, Roy Lewis, Amy Dixon, Ali Dixon, Max Dixon, Joe Dixon, Quin Dixon,  Brenton (Maria’s fiance) and last but not least Coach Drake Comfort for coming out and supporting us. Competition is stressful and it is always nice to hear familiar voices in the crowd cheering you on!




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