Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Program

The following program is provided to help you prevent injuries during your journey to overall wellness and fitness.  The injury prevention program provided through CrossFit North Peoria are developed by using the Functional Movement Screen.


The Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a tool that uses seven functional movements in order to identify asymmetries and limitations, which helps determine the quality of the functional movements in individuals or athletes in the absence of pain or musculoskeletal injury.


These movements help provide observable deficits in simple loco motor, manipulative and stabilizing movements putting an individual in a positions which show weaknesses and imbalances where mobility and motor control is not being used.


Injury Prevention Exercise Programs

Based the results of the individuals screen, a licensed physical therapist will develop a 6 week program to be performed 5 days week in order to address the weaknesses and imbalances of the athlete’s functional movements.


After the first 6 weeks of the exercise program, the individual can sign up from another FMS in order to see if any improvements have occurred as well as determining what other limitations and imbalances can be addressed in order to decrease the likelihood of any potential injuries.



Zach Kirkpatrick, PT,  MPT is a licensed physical therapist who works for AthletiCo Physical Therapy in Germantown Hills.  He is Level 1 CrossFit coach with specialization in mobility and Olympic lifting and holds certifications in Level 1 & 2 FMS, Level 1 SFMA, and Level 1 USAW Sports and Performance coach.  He majored in health and human sciences at Northern Illinois University and graduated with a Master’s degree in physical therapy.  He specializes in outpatient sports and orthopedic physical therapy in order to allow patient to return to sport and their prior level of function.

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