Maintaining Perspective

Chris Spealler wrote in a recent blog post; “Your performance has no impact on your identity.”  This is a concept I struggled with early on in my crossfitting days.  I could never fully give myself to the workout because I was so concerned with the outcome.  Arrogance and ego undoubtedly played a role with that mindset.  Everyone wants to win but everyone doesn’t win; as long as you lay it the fuck out there then no one can judge you based on the results.  I have used this as the framework for training and it has allowed me to keep this weekend’s Regional in perspective.  Knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself (CFNP) is a luxury I have never had during competition.  Everyone has their reasons for competing.  Mine, in the past, were to feed my ego so I could feel a sense of superiority over others.  I still have a mellowed down arrogance about me, but its fueled by my immediate family and my second family; CFNP.  I acknowledge the fact that I am representing not just myself but my Mom, Dad, two brothers, sister, Arron, Terry, as well as all of YOU from our gym and it fills me with pride.  At some point during the pain and suffering I’m undoubtedly going to endure, I promise  I’ll rip a patented Comfort- shit -eating- grin to let you all know that I am enjoying myself and there isn’t anywhere else in the world I’d rather be.  My intent from this post is to encourage those of you who wish to compete in the future to do it with full hearts and clear minds.  Make sure your reasons are pure and in sync with your personality. Somewhere along my journey I got back on the righteous  path (Thanks to Arron McCall), a path that has prepared me for the next few days.  Thanks again for all the support.



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