Training Smart by Drake “Drakester” Comfort

Before I get started on my rant for this week, I wanted to take a minute and give a few shout outs to some folks.  The overwhelming amount of support I received prior to Regionals and at Regionals has been well documented but one more “Thank you” never hurt anyone so….THANK YOU CFNP.  A special thank you to Dr. Chad and Karl over at Benningfield Chiropractic.  These Gents got my body primed to compete.  Another special thank you to Stephanie Walker and Chris Wheatley.  Steph and Chris revolved their training schedules around mine so I didn’t have to train alone.  Kacie, Brian, Kirstin, Angela, and Derek;  these guys came and stayed for all three days of the competition.  The Lumley’s and Brian also took more pictures of me then anyone has before which is RAD, they also framed a couple so thank you guys.  Last but not least; Arron and Kelly.  Thank you Kelly for coming and keeping Arron sane over a three day span during which he wasn’t able to work out and for being there and constantly encouraging me every chance you got.  If it wasn’t for Arron, there is a 100 percent chance I don’t make it to Regionals.  He was my coach at the competition.  He brought me breakfast, made sure I stayed calm in between workouts, and hung out with me while I warmed up for every event.  As I walked out of the warm up area onto the arena floor to compete, I always made sure to pick him out of the crowd so I knew where to look in case I started to panic.  If I left people out I apologize.

Injuries happen in training.  This is a fact.  The severity of these injuries varies but at some point and time we will all get nicked up.  What’s the alternative?  You could not train like an athlete and go back to half assing 5k runs and ripping out curls (yes I do curls which is why my Bi’s are so jacked) or you can heed my upcoming advice.  First, trust in us as coaches that we will set you up for success.  If we tell you your form is off, trust us that its off and allow us to fix you.  Many times this will involve using less weight.  (No you aren’t weak or less of a man for using lighter weights and vice versa for the ladies of CFNP) Technique is our foundation for functional strength.  If your foundation is weak, all the blocks you build around it will be weak and eventually will crumble (injury).  Second, listen to your body.  If you are feeling banged up, take an extra day off.  Arron, Terry, Steph and I will never put you in a compromising position but we can’t feel what you feel.  Stretch a bit more, go see Dr. Chad to get adjusted or Angela for a massage.  I personally try to take a week off every three or four months.  This will allow your body to recover (we get stronger in recovery) and  make you eager as hell to get back into the gym and hit it hard.  Finally, remain as positive as you can about your training.  Stay focused on you and don’t worry about what everyone else around you is doing.  Believe me when I say you’ll have more shitty days than good ones in the gym and not every day is guna be a PR day.  Enjoy yourself while fitnessing.  THIS SHIT IS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN and we do our best to make sure it stays that way.


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