Alli Minehan

Alli Minehan


Alli joined CFNP in 2014, earning her Level 1 Certification and beginning coaching shortly thereafter. Alli is one of the hardest working people that you will ever meet. She is a full time nurse at OSF and on her days off she is always willing to help coach any class where she is needed. She values the relationships that she has made with people from doing CrossFit, and appreciates the strength and confidence that she has gained over the years of hard work that she has put in. She has gone above and beyond in doing her part to help better people as both a healthcare worker and as a CrossFit coach. Her versatility as a Crossfit coach is rare. She is not only incredibly skilled at being able to break down high skilled movements in a way for people to understand, but her humble and kindhearted attitude makes her classes feel welcoming and fun for everyone to be part of.

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